Contest Entry: 38th Healthcare Advertising Awards


Call For Entries! Healthcare Advertising Awards: Recognizing the best in Healthcare Advertising, Print Ads, Websites, Digital Content, Communications, & Media.

Late Entry Deadline Extended! March 15th, 2021


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High Quality Screen Resolution Preferred. Please use meaningful file name such as myagency_myinstitution_entrytitle.pdf. We accept .jpg, .png, .pdf. (Please do not send native files such as .ai, .psd, etc) Max file Size: 25mb

*If you have multiple files, please submit a zip file. If you have large files, please send a link to dropbox or similar.

**Trouble uploading? Please complete your online registration without the file and contact us at 770-457-6106 to send files separately. Please make note of your order ID # so we can match it up.

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Call For Entries!

Healthcare Advertising Awards: Recognizing the best in Healthcare Advertising, Print Ads, Websites, Digital Content, Communications, & Media. INSTRUCTIONS

  1. All qualified entries must relate to healthcare and comply with the competition's requirements. Entries must have been run or produced during the 2020 calendar year.
  2. There is no limit to the number of entries an institution or agency may submit.
  3.  ONLINE ENTRIES: Please go to and follow the easy to enter instructions. You may attach any creative using a PDF, electronic attachment, Dropbox, Hightail, or any other digital transfer application. If you have a very large file, please compress the file before transferring.
  4. Multiple entries can be entered all at once. Once you have completed all your entries, you will be asked to check out. Then, you will be asked to either pay online using PayPal or to be invoiced. Paying by PayPal is easy, as PayPal accepts any credit cards. Should you choose the invoice option, you will receive an invoice via email.
  5. Deadline Dates/Fees:
    • $40 Early Bird Special must be received by January 22, 2021. ($65 for Categories 44-51) $
    • 50 Regular Rate must be received by February 12, 2021. ($75 for Categories 44-51)
    • $60 Late Entry must be received by March 5, 2021. ($85 for Categories 44-51)
  6. PHYSICAL ENTRIES: You may enter your entries directly to us via US Mail, FedEX, UPS or any other carrier. TWO COPIES of the registration form must be attached to each entry. Registration form may be photocopied. Please place all your entries and payment in a shipping package or packages. One payment for all your entries should also be included in an envelope marked ENTRY PAYMENT. You may pay with check or credit card (To pay by Credit Card: Photocopy a registration form and fill out the Credit Card information section at the bottom right-hand portion. Make Checks Payable to: Healthcare Advertising Awards. FFEI #58-1581819. For W-9 call our office at 770-457-6106 . Address entry package to: Healthcare Advertising Awards, 4651 Woodstock Road, Suite 208-210, Roswell, GA 30075
  7. Entries cannot be returned and become the property of Healthcare Advertising Awards.

Format Requirements

PRINT MATERIALS: (Including newspaper, magazine, logo /letterhead, posters, and outdoor transit/billboard.)

  • Mount all single entries on display board (do not exceed 2-inch border) with two copies of the registration form attached securely to the back. Originals or reproductions may be submitted.
  • Digital Option: Submit entries on flash drive as PDF.
  • Online Option: Submit entries online at

COLLATERAL MATERIALS: (including brochure, direct mail, annual report, newsletter, publications, imprinted materials, calendar, patient handbook and other.)

  • Place materials in an envelope and staple two copies of the registration form to the outside of the envelope.
  • Digital Option: Submit materials on a flash drive as PDF.
  • Online Option: Submit entries online at

WEBSITE: If your website is not complex, a URL printout may be submitted. If it is complex, please put the URL on a flash drive so the judges may link to the website.

  • Online Option: Submit entries online at

NEW MEDIA/SOCIAL MEDIA: May be submitted as a URL printout, if not too complex. If it is complex , may be submitted as a screenshot print or links on a flash drive. New Media includes: podcasts, pop-up advertising, E­ mail blasts, and flash media. Social Media includes: Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram, blog sites, and other social media.

  • Online Option: Submit entries online at

RADIO: Submit entries on a flash drive. Wrap two copies of the registration form around the ads. Multiple entries of the same type may be put on one format as long as two copies of the registration form are attached for each entry. Please attach registration forms in the order spots will be heard.

  • Online Option: Submit entries online at

TELEVISION AND SPECIAL VIDEO PRODUCTION: Submit entries on a standard DVD or flash drive, in MP4 or MDV format. Wrap two copies of the registration form around the entry. If more than one commercial or video production of the same type is to be submitted, please attach two copies of the registration form for each entry and put in viewing order. Do not mix single, series and special production on same DVD.

  • You may enter a YouTube or video address, simply enter the YouTube or video address on a flash drive.
  • Online Option: Submit entries online at

MULTI-MEDIA CAMPAIGNS: (Including total public relations campaign, total advertising campaign and integrated marketing campaign, special event, and health promotion.)

  • Multi-media campaigns should use at least two mediums. Refer to the appropriate entry format instructions for mounting and submission requirements.
  • Place all components in a large envelope and attach two copies of the registration form to the outside of the envelope.
  • Early Bird Campaign Entry Fee is $65. (Received by January 22, 2021.) Regular Campaign Entry Fee is $75. (Received by February 12, 2021.) Late Campaign Entry Fee is $85. (Received by March 5, 2021.)
  • Online Option: Submit entries online at


1. Newspaper Advertising–Single
2. Newspaper Advertising–Series
3. Magazine Advertising–Single
4. Magazine Advertising–Series
5. Publication/Internal
6. Publication/External
7. Newsletter
8. Direct Mail
9. Annual Report
10. Poster
11. Installations–Design and build-out of temporary or permanent branded environment. Examples might include kiosk, art exhibition, trade show exhibit or college fairs.
12. Outdoor–The outdoor display of advertising messages, notices or events, commonly associated with mass (outdoor) audiences on sidewalks, streets, roadways, Mass Transit/Airlines, public venues such as malls, airports, train/bus stations, places of business, stadiums, arenas, etc. Does not include posters described in category.
13. Special Event Materials–Promotional and/or informational items, usually relating to a specific event/affair at a given location, date, time, etc.
14. Physician Referral
15. Professional Recruitment Program
16. Brochure
17. Logo/Letterhead Design
18. Calendar
19. Employee Communication Program
20. Patient Handbook
21. Other: Misc. Collateral, Special Promotional Materials
22. Imprinted Materials-T-Shirts, Hats, Pens, Mouse Pads, etc.
23. Website
24. Website Refresh
25. Social Media Content (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, etc.)
26. Mobile Media Content
27. Blog Sites
28. Podcasts
29. Email Creative
30. Online Publications (Magazine, Newsletters, etc.)
31. Digital Video Ad–Less than 2 minutes
32. Digital Video Ad–More than 2 minutes
33. Streaming/On Demand Content
34. Electronic Advertising
35. Online Display Ad
36. E-Publication
37. Apps/Interactive Media
38. Radio Advertising–Single
39. Radio Advertising–Series
40. COVID Response Materials
41. Equality & Diversity Promotion
42. Television Advertising–Single
43. Television Advertising–Series

44. Total Public Relations Campaign
45. Health Promotion Program
46. Total Advertising Campaign
47. Total Fund Raising/Development Campaign
48. Integrated Marketing Campaign (Two or more channels, Print, Web, Video, Social Media, Internet, etc.)
49. Special Event
50. COVID Marketing Campaign
51. Total Digital Marketing Program


Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit winners will receive award certificates. Copies of the certificates will be sent to BOTH the winning institution and the advertising agency.


Winners in the 38th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards will be posted on our website on May 1, 2021. Web address is For Questions Call 770-457-6106